Potassium assimilation by plants is highly selective and closely related to metabolic activity. Potassium is a very mobile macroelement in plants and the most important cation present in the cytoplasm and chloroplasts.

Potassium plays an important role in the osmotic functions of the cells (it participates in stomatal movements and cellular extension), is required in a wide diversity of metabolic functions, such as enzymes activation, and participates in protein synthesis and photosynthetic processes.

SHOT-K, thanks to its potassium content, totally soluble in water and chloride- and sodium-free, is a fertilizer providing this macroelement in an efficient way to the treated plants.

SHOT-K is recommended to provide potassium in a highly efficient way in moments of potassium high demand in plants such as fruit fattening.

Treatments with SHOT-K avoid problems of phytotoxicity as it does not contain chloride in its composition.


Potassium oxide  (K2O)

25,00% w/w

SHOT-K 2019
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet


Fertilizer according to R.D. 506/2013.


Liquid fertilizer
1 and 5 litres.


Foliar treatment: 150-200 mL/hL
Soil treatment: 2-3 L/ha.

Additional information

pH 8,0
Density: 1,4
Sodium- and chloride-free product.


Its application is recommended in all kinds of cultures.


    • ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001