RET-WIN plus

RET-WIN plus, thanks to its content in polysaccharides and Aminoacids, together with a balanced mix of macro and micronutrients, is a suitable product to stimulate the growth and development of the root system.

Polysaccharides are organic molecules activating rhizogenesis and forming a mucilaginous layer that, besides protecting the root, increases the contact surface with the soil, intensifying the nutrients absorption capacity.

Aminoacids, bioactivators of plant metabolism, are easily absorbed and produce a fortifying and stimulating effect on plants vital functions.

RET-WIN plus produces a faster development in seedbeds, as well as a stronger plant establishment in the soil, helping the plant to overcome the transplant stress or moments of root and aerial system unbalance (fruit fattening, root lost because of cold, floods, illness or nematodes damages, etc.).


Total (N) Nitrogen

7,50% w/w

Nitric Nitrogen

3,00% w/w

Ammoniacal Nitrogen

1,50% w/w

Ureic Nitrogen

1,50% w/w

Organic Nitrogen

1,50% w/w

Potassium oxide  (K2O)

5,00% w/w

Free Aminoacids

3,00% w/w

Iron (Fe)

0,50% w/w

Etiqueta ret-win-plus
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet


Fertilizer according to R.D. 506/2013.


Liquid fertilizer.
1 and 5 litres.


Soil treatment: 4-5 L/ha.
Seedbeds: 3-4 mL/L.
Hydroponic cultures: 1,5 L/ha/week for 4 weeks.

Additional information

pH 4,9
Density: 1,2
Contains 0,6% p/v Polysaccharides.


Its use is recommended in all kinds of cultures.


    • ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001