RET-FLO Px 357

In agricultural exploitations, the decrease in nutrients contribution, as well as pest control substances and mineral fertilizers application, is the origin of unbalance restricting soil fertility and converting it in an ideal media to develop diseases, plagues and phytoparasitic nematodes.

RET-FLO Px 357 is a liquid organomineral fertilizer combining in a balanced way macro and micro-nutrients with organic matter of vegetable origin.

RET-FLO Px 357 is a fertilizer easily assimilated by the plant, increasing its nutritional stocks and favoring its budbreak as well as its fruit setting and maturation.

A continue application of RET-FLO Px 357, thanks to the product organic composition, provides to the soil  the necessary nutritional factors to reestablish its biological and physic- chemical balance.


Total (N) nitrogen

7,50% w/w

Ammoniacal nitrogen

1,80% w/w

Nitric nitrogen

1,80% w/w

Ureic nitrogen

3,00% w/w

Organic nitrogen

1,00% w/w

Potassium oxide  (K2O)

3,00% w/w

Iron (Fe)

0,50% w/w

Manganese (Mn)

0,10% w/w

Organic carbon

18,00% w/w

Humic acids

3,50% w/w

Etiqueta ret-flo px 357
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet


Fertilizer according to R.D. 506/2013. Registration number F0003252/2028.


Liquid fertilizer
5 and 10 litres.


Soil treament 20 L/ha.

Additional information

pH 5,7
Density: 1,2


Its application is recommended in all kinds of cultures.


    • ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001