The process of plant foliar surface cleanliness is fundamental to free external stimuli receptors and to improve the response ability of the culture. The elimination of the dirt from the plant foliar surface facilitates the application of posterior treatments and improves the response associated to these treatments. Moreover, it promotes the plant reaction ability against bioclimatic stimuli that require the activation of different physiological processes.

The tensioactive properties of ECOIL act onto the plant by moving and eliminating progressively different substances, molasses and other organic secretions produced by insects, that may settle onto the culture surface. Thus, surfaces of cultures treated with ECOIL are free of organic remainders.

ECOIL provides potassium to the treated cultures. This macro-element is required for the activation of a wide variety of metabolic pathways favoring the well-being of the plant.


Total (N) nitrogen

5,00% w/w

Ureic nitrogen

5,00% w/w

Potassium oxide  (K2O)

2,00% w/w

Etiqueta ECOIL
Safety data sheet
Technical data sheet


R.D. 506/2013


Liquid fertilizer
5 litres


Foliar treatment: 200-300 mL/hL

Additional information

pH 10,5
Density: 1,0


ECOIL can be use in all kinds of cultures.


    • ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001