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EIBOL, committed with quality, constant improvement and respect for environment, owns ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates.

Our products

The important role of agriculture in the world economy and the need, every time higher, to obtain crops of maximal production and quality, together with the engagement with farmers, lead to the need of products able to regenerate soils, achieve optimal fertilization and produce healthy cultures, preserving at the same time the environment.

  • Soil regeneratorseibol abonos agricultura
  • Bioestimulantseibol abonos agricultura
  • Autodefense inductorseibol abonos agricultura
  • Physiological activatorseibol abonos agricultura
  • Soapseibol abonos agricultura
  • Basic substanceseibol abonos agricultura
  • Correctorseibol abonos agricultura


    • ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001 ISO-14001